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"No fear of failure" - Scott Frost shares why his Nebraska staff isn't going to yell or cuss at players

Flip from game to game on a Saturday in the fall and you're bound to find a coach laying into a player for a missed assignemnet, or some other type of mistake.

One place you won't find that any day of the week is on Scott Frost's staff at Nebraska. Frost shared with reporters yesterday that he doesn't want his players out there trying to execute their schemes with afraid of failing.

"One of our sayings is 'have a desire to excel and no fear of failure.' Part of that is the coaches responsibility, and I mentioned that we're not going to yell and scream at kids, and cuss at kids. I don't think that's the right thing to do, and I also don't want to make kids afraid to go make a great play."

"If someone misses a tackle or drops a ball, they don't need to be yelled at, they need to be taught the right way to do it so it doesn't happen again. Once you take away that fear of what might happen if you make a bad play, it really frees you up to go make great plays."

Hear coach Frost's full comment below.

"No fear of failure"-This is a great quote from Coach Frost on teaching his players by not yelling at them or cussing at them.

— Dan Corey (@DanCorey1011) March 14, 2018