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No one had a better spring game than Washington State

The only way to lose a spring game is to take it too seriously. Spring practice is important and necessary, to be sure, but the spring game? Football is a sport where you play other teams in the fall, and here you are in the middle of the spring playing a game against yourself. Say hello to your fans after a long winter apart, let your players have fun, and let's get home safely and go have dinner on a patio somewhere.

No one understands this better than Washington State's Nick Rolovich, a famous mocker of college football's inherently silly institutions.

To conclude his first set of spring practices as Wazzu's head coach -- the Cougars never got on the field last spring -- Rolovich opened and closed the Crimson and Gray Game with bits.

I mean, how can anyone possibly have a bad time at an event that begins with two dudes trying to snap a football at each other's butts?

As a surprise his offense and his defense, Rolovich purchased Cameos from Christopher McDonald (better known as Happy Gilmore's Shooter McGavin) and Dikembe Mutombo. (Because I know you're curious, their temporary Cougar fandom cost $150 apiece.)

Halftime entertainment was provided by Wazzu's own recruiting assistant and TikTok All-Star Marco Relagado. He presumably came free of charge.

And then the day closed down with a water balloon fight. (Shoutout to the public address team for the Mortal Kombat soundtrack here.)

In between all the fun, Rolovich's team got some work in.

Well done, all. Even you, Shooter.