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No team ever lost a game because of what a reporter tweets from practice

Rex Ryan

OTAs are up and running in the NFL, and the Buffalo Bills greeted their press corps with a fresh set of rules on what they're allowed to report.

Basically, what the rules boil down to is this: if there are football-related activities happening on the field involving Bills players, media covering the Bills is better off not reporting on it. Because Bill Belichick might be watching.

The Bills -- a team that has managed to miss the playoffs for 16 consecutive seasons in a league that actively promotes parity -- aren't the only team to pass this latest set of restrictive rules (and they're far from the only college or pro football team trying to tell its media what to report) but widespread participation doesn't make the practice any less foolhardy. Much like banning players from Twitter, the Bills have assigned power to a practice that has very little.

Put another, simpler way: no team ever lost a game because a reporter tweeted a quarterback's completion percentage in practice.