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"Not chasing history, creating it." North Dakota State's march for six beings here

When you win an unprecedented five straight national championships, you've got plenty of material for a solid preseason hype video. North Dakota State more than accomplishes that. An inspiring rah-rah speech from head coach Chris Klieman motivational speaker Ben Newman takes up most of the first half of the 3-minute video.

"The difference is the work you're putting in right now," Newman says. "That's what most teams don't understand. They wonder about the Bison culture. They wonder about the Bison family. They'll never understand it, because nobody is willing to put in the work that greatness requires like you. Continue to find your difference. Continue to find your edge. That is what makes Bison football special."

But what sets North Dakota State apart is the praise not from Klieman, but from his opposing coaches.

Says one: "They got pressure on us every single throw. We never had a chance to get our play count up, and they never got tired."

Says another: "From the start they kind of took control. I really think that was the best team I've seen in quite some time."

Adds a third: "I've said it before, their guys, when playoffs start and you look at them on film, they're a different team. They know how to win the games."

It's one thing to vanquish your enemies and conquer their lands. But to hear them sing your praises afterward has to make it doubly sweet.

North Dakota State's march for six straight begins next Saturday against Charleston Southern.