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Not even a "fairly serious car accident" can keep Ohio State's Ed Warinner off the recruiting trail


Life on the road recruiting for coaches is full of stress, fast food, and a number of obstacles that make it very, very difficult to stay on schedule...unless you have a laser-like focus and a knack for problem solving.

Early this morning, rolled out a piece where Ari Wasserman shadowed Ohio State offensive coordinator Ed Warinner during a day on the road recruiting in New Jersey. The trip out to the talent-laden east coast was set on a Monday morning, less than 48 hours after the Buckeye's win over Rutgers.

Warinner's day started at the airport at 6:05 am, and he had his first meeting set up at a high school in New Jersey for 9:30 am. However, an hour after the scheduled meeting came and went, and Warinner was nowhere to be found.

Come to find out, on the way from the airport to the high school (after grabbing some coffee for the road) Warinner had been involved in a "fairly serious car accident" that deployed his airbags and banged him up a bit. Coach Warinner called the coach to let him know he was running a bit behind, and told him about the accident and arrived shortly after 10:30.

Coaches who hit the road recruiting can understand that simply skipping the visit to keep the schedule on track was not an option for Warinner. So to get to the school, he hitched a ride in the police cruiser that responded to the accident, and had the officer drop him off.

What makes this even more impressive is that this all took place during a no-contact period, so Warinner couldn't even meet with the recruit that he was interested it, he could just drop-in and talk to the coaches in the building.

Why was it so important that he get to the school then? Because as you hear over, and over, and over again this time of year; "recruiting is all about relationships".

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