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Notre Dame has ditched their fax machine signing day ritual, while Florida gave theirs its own Twitter account


In today's world of advanced technology, where you can do nearly everything from your phone, national signing day is the one day a year that fax machines get turned on to do what they were designed to do. In fact, the first Wednesday of February every year is the only day most of us even utter the phrase "fax machine".

For a lot of coaches, the age old tradition of camping out in front of the fax machine waiting for letter to roll in, and flipping over the paper to see a kids name who they've spent countless hours researching and building a relationship while the paper is still hot isn't an easy thing to let go.

At Notre Dame, the familiar sound of the fax machine firing up won't be heard on signing day, as the program in South Bend has chosen to ditch the fax machine on signing day in favor of making way for some more modern technology, the Chicago Tribune points out. Instead of faxes, players committing to the Irish will send in their letters from their cell phones using CudaSign, a mobile app that allows them to sign electronically with their finger and then email the document to Notre Dame.

Wonder what signing day looks like without a fax machine when good news rolls in? ND provided a look earlier this morning.

The Chicago Tribune points out that using the app fails, players can send a photo of the document signed by the him and his parents, and if that fails the fax machine in South Bend will be up and ready for those who still have a taste for the nostalgic. On the other end of the spectrum is Florida, who has created a Twitter account for the fax machine in anticipation of the big day. You can follow the account

I heard some recruits plan on committing with their mobile devices. What?!

— GatorsFax (@GatorsFax) February 2, 2016

" target="_blank">@GatorsFax, and if the tweets from the past few days are any indication, the tweets that will continue to roll out from the account should be really entertaining.

Here's a look at what the

I heard some recruits plan on committing with their mobile devices. What?!

— GatorsFax (@GatorsFax) February 2, 2016

" target="_blank">@GatorsFax account has put out so far.