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Notre Dame to provide Bleacher Report full access this season


In this day and age of transparency, there is very little a program can (or should) hide (other than Xs & Os). Given that your team is going to push videos out, giving viewers a glimpse behind the scenes...why not team up with a national outlet, get quality production and distribution and tell your story on a larger platform? Well, my friends, Notre Dame is doing just that...

This morning Notre Dame announced they will provide Bleacher Report with full access this season through an exclusive partnership.

Bleacher Report and the University of Notre Dame on Thursday announced an exclusive social content partnership for the 2016 season that will give B/R behind-the-scenes access to one of the most storied college football programs in the country.

As part of the agreement, B/R will have exclusive access to the Fighting Irish locker room, practices, home and away games, as well as academic activities, team travel and in-depth looks at campus life in South Bend, Indiana. 

B/R's social platforms, which tout more than 200 million users, will distribute content through a variety of channels. Most notably, fans will be able to access exclusive content through Facebook Live streams, Snapchat takeovers, short-form social packages and video features. 

The content will also be distributed through the B/R website and Team Stream app—which reach an audience of more than 250 million sports fans. 

Feels like a win / win for the University, the program and fans nationwide.