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Notre Dame unveils special Shamrock Series uniforms


Notre Dame is different. How different? When the school finally puts the school logo on the side of its helmet, it treats it as big news.

The Irish released their Shamrock Series uniforms on Tuesday and, somehow the interlocking ND logo is on the side of those golden domes for the first time since Notre Dame put on helmets. This is the sixth Shamrock Series game, and easily the least exotic of the six. After playing Army at Yankee Stadium, Miami at Soldier Field, Arizona State at Jerry World, the Irish will meet.... Purdue at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis. This is what happens your favorite band doesn't have any new material but the record label demands a new contract every two years, and all of a sudden there's a fourth greatest hits album on the shelves at Target.

Fittingly, Notre Dame's special Shamrock Series uniforms - the first since Under Armour gained control of the Notre Dame apparel contract this year - are the tamest of the bunch.


The most interesting part of the uniform is, of course, the part you can't see. Whatever this is was apparently patterned after the mosaic on the floor of the Golden Dome.


For Doug and the rest of our resident sneakerheads:


(For those interested, Notre Dame also unveiled its regular home and road Under Armour uniforms on Tuesday.)

Notre Dame began wearing special uniform for its Shamrock Series game in 2010, one year after the tradition began.

There was the traditional designated "special uniform" green jerseys for Army in 2010:


The green jerseys with extra gold helmets in for Maryland in 2011:


Whatever this was against Miami in 2012:


And then the white jerseys that were overshadowed by Arizona State's en feugo helmets in 2013:


Which one is your favorite?