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November 28th can't get here soon enough

247 Sports

247 Sports

This one has all the makings of a budding rivalry. The Tigers and the Aggies. Chief's return to Tiger Stadium. Yeah, go ahead and get your tickets now; because there won't be any available come November.

We could go on and on about the importance of this game; but it's a tad early for that. What brought this one on; was last night's revelation from Ross Dellenger of the Baton Rouge Advocate who noted that in LSU's latest salvo towards A&M in their contractual battle over whether John Chavis (& ultimately Texas A&M) owes LSU $400,000 in liquidated damages related to breaking his contract early that LSU's attorneys included the following language in their response to the court when challenging A&M request for the state of Texas to have jurisdiction in the matter (bold added by me for emphasis):

"The only fact implicating Texas is that Chavis happened to defect to Texas A&M and chose to begin working for A&M before his service to LSU was complete. Notwithstanding the Aggies dire need for defensive help, Chavis could have defected to a college for professional team in any state, or even in a foreign country. LSU could not possibly have foreseen this future tangential involvement of Texas when making and performing the contract with Chavis."

Point: LSU.