It’s happening.

The Oakland Raiders will name Jon Gruden as their head coach on Tuesday, according to multiple reports Friday.

(Saturday update: It’s now officially official.)

Gruden will conclude his duties as ESPN’s Monday Night Football analyst with Saturday’s NFL Wild Card game between the Tennessee Titans and the Kansas City Chiefs. The happenstance there puts both Gruden and Chiefs coach Andy Reid in a bit of an awkward spot, given that the two will square off twice a season moving forward.

The intrigue here will be to see just how much Gruden has evolved since he was fired by the Tampa Bay Bucs after the 2008 season. Those who paid attention to his comments while on the clock for ESPN indicate he was intrigued by the number of changes to offensive philosophy during his time away from coaching.

It’ll also be interesting to see if Gruden changes his approach toward quarterbacks, both in how he collected them and treated them during his time in Tampa Bay. Gruden isn’t even on the ground yet in Oakland and already there are questions of how Raiders quarterback Derek Carr will put up with Gruden’s coaching.

From this ProFootballTalk story titled, “Concerns emerge regarding Jon Gruden/Derek Carr relationship

Per a league source, there’s a real concern that Carr won’t be able to put up with Gruden’s style for very long. Gruden will ride him and needle him and yell at him and criticize him and ride him some more. Carr will have to learn how to deal with that, or Carr won’t last.

It’s not surprising that a $125 million quarterback may not respond well to this type of needling.

Obviously, it’s too early to know any of these answers. But it sounds like we’ll begin to find out on Tuesday.

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