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An offensive lineman's dream - Pancaking the head coach

Pretty sure just about every offensive lineman in America would welcome a crack at their head coach in a fully padded one on one drill. In most, but certainly not all, of those cases, I'd expect the offensive lineman to win the battle. In some small number of those "battles" I'd expect to see the head coach wind up on his back.

Friends, I present to you Coach Sam Baker of Waconia HS (MN) and his senior Center Bobby Fleming.

Roll the tape...

An OL's dream to pancake the HC

— Coach Baker (@WaconiaFootball) September 13, 2016

Best part of the video might just be the assistant coach telling the Center to back up and the Center not budging one inch. He wanted this.

Good stuff that those players likely will never forget. Coach Baker is a brave man.