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Ohio high schools battle to 83-82 final score as RB scores 10 touchdowns


As far as we know there are no fantasy football leagues centering around the Ohio high school football circuit. And that's a shame, because Tiffin Columbian running back Cliff Miller would have made his owners very, very happy.

There is disagreement on how many yards exactly Miller ran for, but we know it was somewhere between 436 and 516, and we know he ran for 10 touchdowns. That's at least 103 fantasy points... on the conservative end.

As for the game, Tiffin Columbian pulled out an 83-82 win over Shelby in overtime, the most points in an Ohio high school game in 91 years.

The game was tied 75-75 through four quarters, and Shelby (naturally) opened overtime with a touchdown. After Tiffin Columbian responded with a touchdown in the bottom of the first overtime, and head coach Brian Colatruglio decided to go for two and the win. He handed the ball to Miller (who else?), and he converted to give the Tornadoes the win.

According to, Shelby racked up 718 yards of total offense on 90 plays, while Tiffin Columbian posted 658 yards on 49 plays. That, my friends, equates to 13.4 yards per play.

(HT Deadspin)