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Video: Navy Seal training at 5am? Ohio is loving it


Ohio is the latest team we've seen to participate in military like training during the off season, and from the looks of it, theirs may be the most intense session yet.

The Bobcats started things off well before the sun rose with a 5am workout, led by former college coach, and Top Shot season 3 participant Jake Zweig. The workouts included a long run, team calisthenics, push presses and squats with a picnic table with teammates, and plenty of crawling and rolling in the sand.

"Right now, you're more uncomfortable than you'll ever be in a game." Zweig explains at one point in the workout.

That's the beauty of it all, summed up in one sentence.

These guys absolutely worked their tails off, and were pushed beyond their mental and physical limits. However, even more impressive than all of that is the fact that they enjoyed it. The last 30 seconds are a great testament to that.