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Ohio State to wear all scarlet for Penn State showdown

The Buckeyes will wear scarlet pants for the first time ever for next month's showdown with Penn State.

It's always a big deal when Penn State comes to Columbus, and this year is no different. The Nittany Lions are currently the Big Ten's highest-ranked team at No. 4 in the AP poll, and 11th-ranked Ohio State will presumably put its Big Ten and national championship hopes on the line when Penn State visits on the day before Halloween.

And anyone who's followed Ohio State even a little bit over the past decade-plus knows the program likes to mark big games with new, one-off uniforms. 

In fact, we've got the photographic evidence to prove it. Ohio State has worn special uniforms for three of Penn State's last four visits. 

2013: No. 4 Ohio State 63, Penn State 14

Ohio State Penn State 2013

2015: No. 1 Ohio State 38, Penn State 10

Ohio State Penn State 2015

2017: No. 6 Ohio State 39, No. 2 Penn State 38

Ohio State Penn State 2017

The Buckeyes donned their regular scarlet and grays for Penn State's 2019 trip, when No. 2 Ohio State defeated the No. 8 Nittany Lions 28-17. 

They'll make it four out of five next month. After going all-black in 2015 and all-gray in '17, they'll wear all scarlet for the 2021 clash. From Ohio State:

All-scarlet means a color rush of all-scarlet. Jersey, pants, socks, base layers, gloves and spikes will be scarlet with the traditional striping pattern on the shoulders and down the side of the legs. The traditional metallic extreme silver helmet will also be worn.

Ohio State 1
Ohio State 2

Ohio State also wants all 105,000-odd seats filled with nothing but scarlet as well.

Many of Ohio State's uniform change-ups have been different for the sake of being different. But these? These, I wouldn't mind seeing more than once.