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Ohio State coaches talk about recruiting after a loss: "Sell the whole program, not just one game"


It had been 25 regular season games since Ohio State had last lost. Then the faced Virginia Tech on Saturday and that win streak came to an end. Today, the Buckeye assistants met with the media, and Stan Drayton fielded a few questions about if recruiting is different after such a prolonged winning streak.

"You have to recruit while exposing what the big picture of this program is all about." Drayton said with an unamused face.

"We live in the now, but we have to have some foresight to where this program is going. This program is going to be very dynamic, very soon. Players that have the maturity to see loss doesn't change our opportunities to get great recruits."

Co-defensive coordinator Chris Ash echoed that same sentiment by stating, "recruiting is more about the program and the body of work, than it is a one night game."

Drayton also noted that appealing to the sometimes selfish nature of a recruit's psyche also helps.

"One thing about recruits is that they, selfishly want to hear how they are going to have an impact on the football we tell them how they are going to impact this program. That doesn't necessarily involve the win or loss column."

Hear more from coach Drayton, Ash and Urban Meyer in the clip from the Columbus Dispatch below. It's good recruiting advice from some guys that kill it on the recruiting trail.