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Ohio State, Michigan suspend recruiting amid coronavirus outbreak

For anyone still debating how seriously to take the ongoing Covid-19 outbreak across the United States, Ohio State and Michigan have canceled their spring recruiting plans.

"We will suspend all official and unofficial visits to our campus through April 20 while we continue to monitor and adjust to today’s changing issues," Ohio State head coach Ryan Day announced Wednesday. "In addition, our coaches will not recruit off campus this spring while we follow the university’s new temporary travel guidelines."

Michigan made a similar move earlier Wednesday.

A number of corporations have voluntarily limited all non-essential employee travel, but recruiting travel -- especially at Ohio State and Michigan -- has until now been viewed pretty darn essential.

As with anything else in the news these days, other schools are likely to follow suit. The NCAA on Wednesday announced it will hold the upcoming NCAA Tournament without fans, and the NBA is in deliberations to make the same move.

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