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Ohio State put Tim Tebow in a recruiting graphic and a lot of people got mad about it

Tim Tebow Florida

You may remember the time Urban Meyer recruited Tim Tebow to Florida and the pair created their own mini-dynasty with two national championships, two SEC championships, a Sugar Bowl victory and a Heisman Trophy in the quarterback's four-year career. That success spawned a coach-quarterback bromance unparalleled by anything else in college football today.

Urban and Tebow continue their relationship today, so, naturally, Ohio State used Tebow's testimony to sell the Buckeyes' recruits on their head coach.

The only complicating factor here is that, obviously, Tebow himself did not play at Ohio State -- and beyond that he was complicit in perhaps the worst night in Ohio State football history. The then-true freshman contributed passing and rushing touchdowns as Meyer's Gators clobbered the heavily-favored Buckeyes 41-14 in the 2007 BCS National Championship. Ohio State fans and non-Buckeye fans alike were quite confused. To them, it seemed a bit like the New England Patriots using David Tyree to sell season tickets.

However, as those in the recruiting world know, Ohio State did nothing wrong. Using coaches' players from former jobs is a common tactic. As SB Nation's Jason Kirk points out, South Carolina and Kentucky did the same thing this spring.

Further, Ohio State's target demographic for that tweet is 16-year-old boys who were, as simple arithmetic tells me, seven years old when Meyer, Tebow and company gave Ohio State that curb stomping. To many of them, 2007 fell somewhere between the Paleolithic and Mesolithic ages. To those of you born in, say, 1980, their memory of that Florida-Ohio State game is probably similar to yours of the Miami-Penn State 1987 Fiesta Bowl -- probably hazy.

Odd as it may seem at the surface, it's not weird to see Urban use Tebow's success in his recruiting pitch. In fact, it'd be weird if he had a Heisman-winning quarterback on his coaching resume and didn't use him.