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Ohio State releases an update... on the depth chart

It's been an unprecedented fall camp for Ohio State, given that Urban Meyer has missed all of it. But if you can get around the fact the head coach isn't there, it's been business as usual. Everyone else is still in place, except for one group -- the media.

Ohio State put itself on a media blackout during Meyer's administrative leave, which remains in place until further notice. Media has been invited in to shoot photos and video for certain portions of practice, but no players or coaches have been made available for interviews.

The program has continued to cover itself as if nothing else is going on...

... while, to the average Ohio State fan who doesn't follow the program's social channels, fall camp might as well not even be happening. To assuage that issue, Ohio State sent out an "update" on the roster through interim head coach Ryan Day's Twitter account.

Ryan Day 1
Ryan Day 2

This is an awkward position for Day, who was thrust into a position he didn't ask to be in. But it's fair to ask what, exactly, Ohio State planned to accomplish by sending this press-release-disguised-as-coach-speak update. Clearly, Day didn't fire up Microsoft Word and fire off his heartfelt thoughts here.

Obviously, the media -- and the public, and the rest of the college football world -- wants to know the status of the Urban Meyer investigation and what the rest of the staff knew about Courtney Smith's allegations against the Buckeyes' former wide receivers coach. But one wonders why Ohio State fans wouldn't have been better served by holding a single "Let's just talk about football, okay?" availability with Day.