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Ohio State strength coach Mickey Marotti entering elite territory with latest raise

Ohio State strength coach Mickey Marotti is set to get a significant pay bump, according to documents at Ohio State that

New document from Ohio State: Football strength coach Mickey Marotti -- who also oversees strength coaches for other Buckeyes teams -- is set for a pay raise to $735,000 annually, subject to board of trustees approval that could come later this month. He has been making $613,060

— Steve Berkowitz (@ByBerkowitz) May 2, 2019

">Steve Berkowitz has seen and shared. Marotti, who holds the title of assistant athletic director - football sports performance in Columbus, was already the 3rd highest paid strength coach in college football according to the USA Today database, making $613k, sitting behind only Iowa's Chris Doyle ($725k) and Tennessee's Craig Fitzgerald ($625k). Now he'll be bringing home $735,000 per year. According to this article from ESPN in 2015, Marotti has nearly doubled his annual salary in the past four seasons, going from $431,558 then to now making $735,000. The bump up to $735k would put coach Mick in second, as Berkowitz points out that Chris Doyle is in line for a salary increase to $800,000 annually under the terms of Kirk Ferentz's contract and based on the team's achievements and progress last season. Marotti first worked with Urban Meyer back in the late 80's while the two of them were graduate assistant coaches in Columbus. Coach Mick went on to be an assistant strength coach at West Virginia before landing a head strength job at Cincinnati from 1990-97. He then spent seven seasons in South Bend leading Notre Dame's strength program, where he and Meyer overlapped again and in 2005, when Urban took over at Florida, Marotti joined him and the two had been together ever since. Marotti will now oversee the strength program as Ryan Day takes over the Buckeyes, providing some great stability for the first-time head coach. It's only a matter of time before one of these top strength coaches - likely Marotti, Fitzgerald, Doyle, or Alabama's Scott Cochran - hit the $1 million per year mark. Considering that back in 2015, according to that ESPN piece referenced earlier, Doyle was the highest paid strength coach in the country at $515,000 annually, the rate at which strength coaches are getting massive pay bumps means that day we have a coach join the $1 million club is closer than we all probably realize. At the rate things have been going, it's no longer a question of if it happens, but who will be first. As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.