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Ohio State's hype video for Michigan reminds everyone that "Legends Live Forever"


Over the entire landscape of college football, very few rivalries have as much hate between them as Ohio State and Michigan.

As 21-year old college student from West Michigan, I remember going to grab some brews for the big game at a local gas station near where I went to college (in Ohio), only to be told that they weren't going to allow me to spend my money there because my drivers license says that I'm a resident of the state of Michigan.

Earlier this week down in Columbus, Michigan week means the letter "M" is banned from just about everything, including social media.

That's just a brief glimpse at how serious the hate is between Ohio and "That Team Up North".

Ohio State's hype video for The Game should paint an even clearer picture.

"If you grew up a Buckeye, or if you grew up in the great state of Ohio...or if you are a Buckeye now, this is the real one."

"This is the greatest rivalry in all of sports - not just college football - all of sport." Urban tells his players at the beginning of the clip.