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Ohio State's latest great recruiting approach shows their signees explaining to recruits why they chose the Buckeyes

While assistants are on the road for days - and sometimes weeks - this time of year developing relationships with kids in person, over the phone, and social media, it's important to remember that recent signees and current players on your roster are the people whose words and opinions carry the most weight.

Recruits enjoy hearing why guys picked your school, and what their experience is like now on campus, because even the best college recruiters can't get prospects to overcome consistent negative feedback from recent signees and current players. Sometimes it just means more for recruits to hear it from their peers. That's why your players should be considered your best recruiters.

Ohio State realizes that, and put together a good, quick video of some of their recent signees explaining why they picked the Buckeyes over other schools. The reasons range from their relationship with Urban Meyer, to the Real Life Wednesday's that they do in Columbus, and the feeling of being a "family" environment is also mentioned a number of times.

This type of video would be a great tool that programs at any level can put together for their assistant coaches to bring into schools and homes to visit recruits to help sell their recruiting vision.

Take a look.

Why did #Select17 choose Ohio State?

1️⃣ "It's my 2nd family"
2️⃣ "It's a 1st-Round standard"
3️⃣ "This place is magical"

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— Ohio State Football (@OhioStateFB) January 18, 2017