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Ohio State's newest hype video, "This one's for all of us"

With the Big 10 finally starting this week after much anticipation, we had to know that the hype videos were bound to be good. The last hype video Ohio State dropped was last month and seemed hard to top, but this one just might.

In this eerily intense video, the words "We've been places, we've made sacrifices, we've faced challenges" flash across the screen as a reminder of the long road it took and the adversity felt by all while preparing for this season.

The line "while there may not be bodies in the stadium, their spirits are here" is captivating, even for those of us who are not necessarily Buckeye fans.

While the start has us locked in with game-day like intensity, the "Ohio against the world" flag at the end provides some comedic relief.

It might only be Thursday but safe to say that football fans across the country are ready for it to be Saturday. Let's go!

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