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Ohio's governor has a new resolution for UM-OSU rivalry week and this one bans khakis


It started with a resolution from the Governor of Ohio banning the use of the letter "M" during Ohio State's rivalry week with Michigan back in 2013, but you knew it just wouldn't end there.

Today, just before the 112th meeting between the two storied programs, Ohio Governor John Kasich came out with an additional resolution for Ohio residents, this time banning khakis - Jim Harbaugh's signature daily attire - on game day.

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From the resolution:

WHEREAS, his style recalls guys standing around, being very casual and witty on a front porch in a 1991 Dockers commercial, which offended Jerry Seinfeld in the episode The Phone Message;

It finishes by declaring Saturday as Scarlet Letter Saturday throughout Ohio and encouraging

all Ohioans to avoid using the letter M on this day, and to avoid wearing pleated khakis on this day and all days.

I feel it's worth pointing out that Governor Kasich's name jumbled up is just another way to spell Harbaugh's favorite clothing choice - K H A C I S - so I'll just leave that there.