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Oklahoma has come up with a creative way for its NFL players to promote the program

It's Recruiting 101 that a college program wants to keep close contact with its NFL players. Coaches constantly tout their ability to put players in The League -- including, in some parts, players they didn't actually coach at their current school -- and schools work to keep connected with them throughout their NFL careers by giving them designated locker space to allow them to workout on campus, giving them sideline passes to games during NFL off weekends and by sending them care packages to their NFL locker rooms.

On the eve of this season, Oklahoma has found another way to keep that connection alive. The Sooners cut highlights of their NFL players during their crimson and cream days so they could tweet them out on their personal accounts -- basically, they're digital care packages. And as you'll see below, these care packages came with specific instructions.

There's more where that came from, but you get the point. It's an ingenious way for Oklahoma to keep that connection alive while -- oh by the way -- reminding hundreds of thousands of people, some of whom are bound to be recruits, that OU puts players in the NFL. It's also indicative of how far Oklahoma has come in the digital game under Lincoln Riley.

The seventh-ranked Sooners kick off the season against Florida Atlantic on Saturday (noon ET, FOX).