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Oklahoma State assistant coaches exempt from department-wide pay cuts

Oklahoma State employs 241 people on a full-time basis. Two hundred thirty-two will take pay cuts -- every one of them except Mike Gundy's assistant coaches.

According to documents obtained by The Oklahoman, Oklahoma State employs 25 contracted employees, and 16 of them agreed to voluntary pay cuts. That group includes AD Mike Holder and Gundy, who sacrificed 25 percent of their pay; Gundy also stands to lose up to 50 percent of his buyout as part of a contract restructuring. Thanks to voluntary and enforced pay cuts, Gundy will make $1.3 million and change less in 2020 than he did in 2019.

However, nine of Gundy's 10 assistants will not take pay cuts, according to the paper. Cornerbacks coach Tim Duffie, who is not under contract, will lose 20 percent of his pay.

Gundy's staff earned a collective $4.21 million in 2019, according to the USA Today coaching salary database. The full staff salaries break down as follows:

-- Jim Knowles, defensive coordinator/linebackers: $600,000
-- Kasey Dunn, offensive coordinator/wide receivers: $600,000
-- Charlie Dickey, offensive line: $500,000
-- Joe Bob Clements, defensive line: $420,000
-- Dan Hammerschmidt, safeties: $350,000
-- Jason McEndoo, tight ends: $315,000
-- John Wozniak, running backs: $300,000
-- Greg Richmond, defensive line: $200,000
-- Tim Ratty, quarterbacks: Salary not public

Oklahoma State said it saved $13 million by docking its employees' pay, but the department still faced a $30 million shortfall due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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