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Hugh Freeze statement: "My hope is to be a head coach again as soon as possible..."

Following the news of sanctions being handed down to the Ole Miss program earlier today, Hugh Freeze has released a statement.

Freeze's statement reads:

"This morning, the Committee on Infractions provided finality to a long process of investigating my program, my coaching staff, and my own actions. While I am disappointed that the COI found that I violated the NCAA's head coach responsibility bylaw in any way, I am relieved to have a final decision. In order to move forward with my career, I accept the single restriction imposed by the COI and will not appeal the decision.

The COI expressly agreed that i "promoted an atmosphere of compliance and expected [my staff to abide by the rules. They described by compliance efforts as admirable and acknowledged "the many initiatives [I] took in an attempt to ensure rules compliance among [my] staff" I am very pleased that the COI listened to what I had to say and affirmed my efforts at promoting rules compliance."

Then Freeze shared some thoughts on the sanctions specific to him, and his plans moving forward.

"Specifically, the COI imposed a head coach restriction that would require me to serve a two conference-game suspension if I am hired as a head coach for the 2018 football season. This restriction ends on November 30th, 2018 and would not affect my ability as a head coach to recruit prospective student athletes; to participate in pr-season coaching activities, including spring or fall practice, or to coach any non-conference games. While my hope is to be a head coach again as soon as possible, this restriction does not limit, in any way, my ability to serve as an assistant coach.

I want to thank everyone who stood by me, including my family, my friends, and the University of Mississippi. I look forward to returning to the job that I love, working with student athletes once again, and applying the valuable lessons I learned during this long process."

Read the full statement from Freeze below.