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Ole Miss' "The Season: Alabama" is a must-see

The best thing you can say about Ole Miss' 23-17 defeat of Alabama is that the game proved worthy of the hype. An unprecedented atmosphere was rewarded with an unprecedented win, as Ole Miss used a late interception to give the Rebels their first win over a No. 1 ranked team in 11 tries.

"The Season", Ole Miss excellent docu-series, captured every ounce of action from the week in its always-excellent style.

"You've got a chance today to decide how much you value your standing in the college football world, and decide how hard you want to fight for it together. It's time for you to crash the party. Crash this party. There's been a party out in that Grove all day long, man. They've been waiting forever. Now you get a chance today - you get a chance today - to show again that you love one another enough to put it on the line for 60 minutes, every single play, and crash this party," head coach Hugh Freeze told his team before going fully prophetic. "When this thing's over, and they start to tear those goal posts down, them things are heavy. You better get back in here and don't get hurt, okay?"

The Rebels trailed 14-3 at the half after a missed facemask penalty preserved what could have been a back-breaking fumble returned for a touchdown in the final minute of the second quarter.

"You belong in this game, and you're good enough to win it," Freeze said at the half. "Do not blink. Don't blink."

They didn't. Ole Miss outscored Alabama 20-3 in the second half to knock off the Tide.

Fast forward around the 15-minute mark to catch the game action.