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Ole Miss sends a clear and passionate message with their latest video "Let The People Know"

College football programs release videos for a variety of reasons like connecting with fans, communicating with recruits, creating excitement around the program, and a host of others.

The unique situation that has unfolded at Ole Miss over the past two weeks presented a unique opportunity for the Rebels to use video to communicate to their loyal fan base, and fans of college football, and this video, Let The People Know, is their unique way of sendinga clear and passionate message.

That message starts with the choice of music, and stretches through interim head coach Matt Luke's passionate words with his guys following a workout.

Speaking on his own situation, Luke tells his guys, "Everyone sees a head coach that is grateful to be here. Thankful for the job. Hey, I've been coaching and playing here for 14 years, I don't plan on going dam no where."

"You all understand what I'm saying? I don't plan on going damn no where," Luke reiterated to cheers from his fired-up players.

Take a look.