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On football, family and a shaved beard

An undefeated season, a promise kept, and now our Doug Samuels has shaved his beard for the first time in years.

I've owned FootballScoop for 13+ years and have had the pleasure of working alongside Doug Samuels, our director of content, for more than a decade now. 

Doug is one of many Americans who wears two hats, running content for FootballScoop in the morning before transitioning to meetings and then the practice or game field up where Doug is the head coach of the Comstock Park Panthers in Michigan. 

Doug is purely family first, but after that he's all in on his teams (both FootballScoop & Comstock Park). He's a great guy who truly gives his all for the betterment of others. 

Doug and I talk each week about his upcoming opponent. It's something I probably look forward to more than he knows, but I love hearing his thoughts on how his team and players will matchup with their opponents. He believes in his kids and works hard to get them to play their best each week. 

So, a few weeks back Doug mentioned that he had told his team early in the season that if they went undefeated in the regular season, they could shave his beard. "Wait, you did what?" I could hear some real concern and excitement in his voice. The excitement coming from the fact that he believed this team could run out; and he was slightly worried about how his lovely wife Courtney would react if this came to fruition. 

Well, we now have our answer. Mrs Samuels has now seen that beautiful baby face (fairly) clean shaven for the first time in their marriage! 

I love that Doug offered this carrot to the team and I love how they responded. These young men will likely never forget the season they shaved Coach Samz' beard.

Nor will the internet after seeing this video. 

God bless you Doug (and you too Court)! 

The Panthers are off this weekend and begin their march through the playoffs next Friday. 

Join us in letting @CoachSamz know how much you enjoy this fresh look and wish his squad good luck in the playoffs. 

Video courtesy of Zach Harig, Fox17Online