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On the way down to make halftime adjustments, Arkansas' assistants got stuck in the elevator


Bret Bielema's Arkansas team looked like one of the most improved teams in the country for the first half against Auburn. But halftime brought a curve ball nobody expected.

"We ran into a little glitch," Bielema explained at the post game presser. "Our coaches never made it down from the half. They were stuck in elevators. There was kind of a little audible there that we had to deal with, but the great thing was the kids had big eyes and ears."

Bielema didn't come right out out and say that the snafu had a direct effect on their performance in the second half, but the stats tell quite the story. The Razorbacks failed to score after the break, and allowed 24 second half points, all this after giving the 2013 SEC Champs all they could handle for during the first half.

"It is what it is. We had to roll with the flow. Obviously I have coaches up in the booth who look forward to coming down here and meeting as a staff and get on the same page. We were able to communicate by phone."

"I'm not trying to make a big deal of it. They just were't able to get down here. I don't have the full story, I just know they were actually stuck."

Let this be a lesson to all staffs that take an elevator down to meet the rest of the staff and team for halftime; have a contingency plan in place. Sounds like Bielema and his guys did all they could and adjusted on the fly during a crappy situation.