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On the way to his first in-home visit, an Arkansas assistant had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction


Kurt Anderson was on his first recruiting trip with Bret Bielema and offensive coordinator Dan Enos when he had a rather unfortunate wardrobe malfunction, according to Arkansas Online. Anderson joined the staff recently after serving as the assistant offensive line coach for the Bills last season.

The private jet that the three were traveling on had just landed on the runway on route to an in-home visit with an offensive line commit when Anderson got up, and his dress pants split at the seam. Apparently, through no fault of his own, exiting the private jet required some acrobatics that Anderson's pants weren't prepared for.

Most of us bigger fellas are familiar with that struggle.

Of course, as a lot of offensive line coaches know, they couldn't just go into any store to easily pick out some new dress slacks for Anderson, so the three coaches stopped and picked out something that he could be a little more comfortable in - some sweatpants.

After the visit, the recruit (Jake Heinrich) noted that visit went well, and that sweats were "a better deal. That's a lot more comfortable."

As one coach once drilled into me - "the great ones adjust". This is a prime example.

Read a full rundown of the story here.

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