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One of the best press conference moments you'll ever see

Juwan Howard won a ton of fans today.

Announced as Michigan's new head basketball coach on May 22, he was introduced on Thursday. Howard, of course, is a former Michigan player and a member of the famed, infamous Fab Five team.

A two-decade playing career followed, and he's spent the last six as an assistant for the Miami Heat. Howard was on track to land an NBA head job in the not-too-distant future, but then John Beilein left for the Cleveland Cavaliers and, clearly, Howard couldn't say no to Michigan.

I would say that all head coaches would be wise to tap this level of passion at their introductory press conferences, but that's stupid. You can't try to summon this passion, it has to be earned. It's a level of passion that wells up from deep in your soul. And, clearly, it's resonating with people.

I'm not a Michigan fan, and you're probably not, too. But I'll be rooting like hell for Howard to win and win big at Michigan, and chances are you will, too.