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One brewery's rogue employee has sparked an inspiring idea for your rivalry week


Photo Credit: Indianapolis Star

A week after the Wells report was released, an employee at Indianapolis based Sun King Brewery (who, incidentally, has their beer wold at Colts games) decided to go rouge and change the born-on date to say "TOM BRADY SUX" on more than 20,000 cans of the Wee Mac Scottish brew.

"It wasn't an idea we came up with at all," Sun King owner Clay Robinson explained to the Indy Star. "Every day, we change the thing on the bottom of our cans. One of the guys running the canning lines had to come up with something. Biscuit is his name. So Biscuit put 'Tom Brady Sux.'"

First of all, the guy in charge seriously goes by Biscuit? Secondly (and much less importantly), why didn't Biscuit spell "sucks" correctly? Well, the logical explanation is because he was only working with space for 13 total characters.

The combination of all of these things got us to wondering what type of things might make their way onto locally brewed beer bottles during rivalry week if it was allowed...or at least done under the radar.

Just imagine the 13 character possibilities at games like Ohio State and Michigan, or Alabama and Auburn, or picture if WVU and Pitt ever rekindled their rivalry.

You may remember earlier this year when someone at Adidas fell asleep on Mississippi State's Stark Vegas batting practice shirts and let "F-ck The School Up North" appear on them. That's just one glimpse into what rouge brewery employees could create.

If, and (let's be honest) when, someone at a local brewery decides to go rouge during rivalry week in an effort to stoke the fires a bit, we'll have a guy who goes by Biscuit in Indianapolis to thank.