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One college president says his school will have football 'even if I have to suit up'

The fate of the college football season, we've learned, is not a coach or athletics director decision, but a president decision.

And if every Power 5 school had a president like West Virginia's Gordon Gee, there's no doubt the 2020 will happen, on time and as scheduled.

Gee, who, when he was at Ohio State, once famously declared that he hoped Jim Tressel didn't fire him, told WOWK in West Virginia that he's certain the season will happen this fall.

Gee's comment, while much more colorful, echoed the thoughts of Auburn's Jay Gogue from last week.

Those are just two comments and certainly nothing is written in stone at this point, but they Gee and Gogue are two influential figures arguing for the game's return.

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