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One day in, Urban takes first veiled shot at Harbaugh

In case you've forgotten, Urban Meyer has taken a job as a studio analyst on Fox's big, new college football preview show -- either as a way to stay involved in the game in between gigs or as a way to kill time in retirement, depending on if you take him as his word or not.

Given his ties to the game, everything he says regarding, well, just about everything will be viewed through Urban's kaleidoscope of personal entanglements in the game -- Ohio State, Florida, Nick Saban, USC, Clay Helton... oh and Michigan. He probably has to actually say That Team Up North's name now that he's paid by Fox and not Ohio State.

And his first comment on the Wolverines, well, you tell me if there's not some subtext at play here.

Rob Stone: "Is this finally Michigan's year?"
Meyer: "Year for what?"
Stone: "Right? I don't know, is it to beat Ohio State, is it to win the Big Ten? To get to the Playoff?"
Meyer: "They certainly have the players."

Yeah, this is gonna be fun.