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One FBS team extended more than 500 offers for its 2019 recruiting class

There are many aspects of recruiting that would make an outsider's head spin, but none more than the term "committable offer."

The fact that a scholarship offer requires the clarification that is indeed committable implies that non-committable offers exist, and boy do they.

According to data tracked by HERO Sports, SEC teams extended an average of 298.2 offers for the just-signed class of 2019. With 24.1 signees per class, that equates to a hit rate of 8.1 percent, or a whole, whole lot of non-committable offers.

The SEC was "led" by Tennessee, who whittled 447 offers into a 23-man recruiting class.

But Jeremy Pruitt and staff were not the most offer-friendly team in the nation in 2019.

No, that honor belonged to Southern Miss who, according to data tracked by the site, put out a mind-numbing 503 scholarship offers. The Golden Eagles signed 26 players, meaning one in 20 offers turned into a signature.

And, yes, for a school like Southern Miss, casting such a wide net means many (dozens? hundreds?) of those offers went to guys who were, to borrow a dating term, out of their league -- guys who signed with SEC schools. But many more were to guys Southern Miss had no intent of actually signing -- the Plan C to the Plan C.

With more than 500 offers extended, it makes one wonder how Southern Miss' recruiting staffers separated the players that held scholarship offers from the guys they were actually recruiting.

On the flip side of the offer-fest phenomenon was Stanford, who pieced together a 23-man class out of just 78 offers.

The average FBS staff extended around 210 offers for the 2019 class, according to the data.

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