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One iconic college football program won't be featured in new EA Sports college football game

The news of the revival of EA Sports College Football video game earlier this month was music to the ears of millions that have been itching for the return of one of the most popular video games of all time.

But when the game does return, it will be missing (at least) one premier college football program.

Notre Dame vice president and athletic director Jack Swarbrick shared in a statement that the Irish will not take part in the least for the time being.

"Notre Dame Athletics welcomes the return of EA Sports College Football, a video game series that has historically helped promoted interest in college football.

Notre Dame will not, however, participate in the game until such a time as rules have been finalized governing the participation of our student-athletes.

As those rules are developed, it is our strong desire that student-athletes be allowed to benefit directly from allowing their name, image and performance history to be used in the game."

While on a state-by-state level, NIL legislation seems to be nearing finalization in a number of states, the finer details of the NIL legislation at the federal level are still being continuously debated and worked on and there are a number of sticking points that need to be ironed out before a game that resembles anything fans are used to can return.

Until that day comes, Notre Dame will not appear in the game, and it wouldn't be surprising to see other high profile athletic directors follow suit to show their support for the student athletes in their care.

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