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One of the keys to the run of this year's tournament Cinderella has been the unique way they watch film

Of the over 17 million brackets filled out on ESPN, just over 5,500 correctly predicted that 11-seed Loyola Chicago would make a Cinderella run to the Final Four. The Ramblers, led by head coach Porter Moser, have beat 6- seed Miami, 3-seed Tennessee, 7-seed Nevada, and 9-seed Kansas State on their historic run, setting up their national semifinal game against Michigan on Saturday.

Loyola's historic run has been led by a number of factors, including their team chemistry and mature approach, the magical effect of new national darling Sister Jean, and also Moser's unique approach to a critical area like watching film.

In the clip, Moser explains, while touching on the difference between winners and losers.

"We enjoy the moments, but when it's time to lock in, they've been locked in. Whether it's a walk through or a film session," Moser explains before sharing one of the unique things they do in their film sessions.

"We have these get better tapes that we watch every single game, and we never blow them off. Even when there are short turnarounds we show clips of intangibles that we did well, and things to get better."

Moser goes on to explain that sometimes they'd watch the "get better" tapes and he'd expect players to brush them off, but they've embraced getting better and they've embraced the process of what they need to do.

Hear more from Moser in the clip.

Coach Moser (@PorterMoser) of @RamblersMBB explains the difference between winners and losers:

Winners are coachable and embrace getting better.

Losers think coaches be trippin’.

— Danny Schaechter 🦅 (@CoachDShack) March 25, 2018