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One major recruit, one week, and two spelling errors by FBS programs

I thought that maybe one reminder would help. I was wrong.

Exactly one week ago, Michigan got blasted for a spelling error in a mock ESPN The Magazine cover they sent to top running back recruit Mike Weber that had "All American" misspelled. 

As a member of the sports media world, I'm more than understanding when a typo happens, but after the rival school up north gets put on blast nationally for their misspelling in a graphic sent to one of the top running backs in the country, you would think the editing process would get buckled down a bit to make sure the same wouldn't happen to you.

Well you would be wrong.

Notice the word "Deliver" is spelled wrong right underneath the "Born Winner" headline?

For what it's worth, a lot of fans are noting the absence of Urban Meyer's signature on the graphic, which makes you question whether a fan made it up considering every other graphic (including the one below) has Meyer's John Hancock on it. Whether it's the real deal (which Weber vouches for the authenticity), or a fake, there's a lesson for coaches in here.

Since that marks two mailings in a week or so span, I feel that another reminder here to the coaching community is more than appropriate. So, again, make sure to double, triple, and quadruple check any recruiting materials that come across your desk seeking your final stamp of approval.

Then, after you've done that, go ahead and look over it once more, and then get a fresh pair of eyes on it to look it over again. The last thing you want is the recruit to get that cover your graphics guys have spent so much time on, and see a spelling error and tweet it to his followers that are growing by the day. As these last two mistakes have shown, that kind of stuff spreads like a wildfire.

Let this minor mistake be a lesson to you.

In an effort of full disclosure, Weber has been more than impressed with a few of the graphics that Ohio State has pitched to him, especially this one. Notice Urban's signature on the bottom. He definitely gave this one the "OK".