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One of the most iconic photos of NFL Draft 2020 was staged, Kliff Kingsbury shares

Drafting during the COVID pandemic was a really fascinating situation. Players, coaches, general managers, scouts, and everyone else involved were forced to do everything remotely, which led to some really interesting home setups, IT issues, and TV moments that generated a lot of discussion.

While there were a lot of moments we'll look back on someday with stories to tell, one of the most iconic shots from the draft was Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury's setup.

The shot (seen below) is of Kingsbury leaning back and looking relaxed on his all white couch, a few computer screens set up in front of him, along with three cell phones, with his eyes on the draft coverage on (likely) the largest TV you've ever seen. In the backdrop is a really nice outdoor setup, with a fire going next to a pool with some mountains in the far backdrop.

Kingsbury has played it cool when asked about the setup, but today he let folks in on a little secret.

It was staged.

Kingsbury shared on Good Morning Football today:

"Going into it I knew I was going to be super extra in the picture," Kingsbury said, via "I do think the fire -- it was 100 degrees and sunny -- was a bit much, but I laid four phones on the table because the NFL gave us a couple ... all the screens, I just wanted to make it as extra as possible and it turned out good. It made for fun.

"The NFL only allowed us to have one person at the house or I might've had some people on the float swans in the back, or a DJ, really doing it big. There's always next year, hopefully."

If there's even a slight chance that the Cardinals opt to draft virtually again next year, and there aren't restrictions on who can be at his place, Kingsbury is definitely going to be worth watching..

Photo below via

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