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"One of our problems in society today is everyone wants to lead by example, and no one wants to be a vocal leader"

James Franklin was critical of his team after a practice late this week, saying they looked sloppy and weren't displaying the "championship habits" that they harp on as a coaching staff all the time.

Calling out a few experienced players that took a vocal leadership role when things weren't going well during that practice, Franklin took the opportunity to weigh in on one of the issues that he sees in society today, and particularly in sports.

"I think that's one of our problems today in society, and specific to sports and young people, is everyone wants tobe a leader by example and no one wants to be a vocal leader," Franklin explained.

"I don't care, in any organization, on every team, you have to have some verbal leaders that are willing to speak up and tell people what they need to hear, not what they want to hear."

Hear more from Franklin in the clip.