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One small example of a coach's large influence

Kim Anderson stepped down Missouri's men's basketball coach on Sunday. This was not a controversial move. Anderson was 26-67 in three seasons, 8-46 against the SEC. Anderson is by all accounts a good guy; he just committed the crime of not winning enough.

"I walk out with my head held high because I know we've done some good things here," Anderson

A quick note to @CoachAndersonMU ... I never forgot that morning almost 20 years later.

— Eric Edholm (@Eric_Edholm) March 6, 2017

" target="_blank">said today. "We just haven't done enough."

We got an example of Anderson's character on Monday from NFL writer Eric Edholm. Read below:

Coffee, donuts and a quick word to a group of college students. On a scale of 1-to-100 on the Good Gestures List, that ranks about a 25. But, still, that tiny act of kindness stayed with Edholm for some 20 years now.

If that small gesture can remain with an adult for so long, think about the power your position gives you to do for those around you?