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How one of the most successful coaches ever combats kids coming to practice and going at their own pace

Across all sports, UConn women's basketball coach Geno Auriemma is one of the most successful and revered coaches in the entire profession with coaches from all different backgrounds looking to study him and his methods in an effort to tap into the success he's had.

Auriemma is an incredible 1,027-26 as the head coach of the Huskies women's program, including eleven national titles and 23 30-win seasons over the past 25 years. It's not hard to see why coaches want to meet and learn about his approach.

During a interview recently shared on Twitter, Auriemma shared an interesting strategy for fighting the problem of kids showing up to practice and going at their own pace.

"I have a thing that I do sometimes with coaches and players in clinics. You call them up and you say to a kid, 'Ok, I want you to run from here to the end line and back.'"

Auriemma explains that the kid does it, and when they finish he pulls a $100 bill out of his pocket and tells them that if they can run to the end line and back in 10-seconds, he'll give them the $100. They line up with a new focus, and run like they're shot out of a cannon, and then when they're just feet away from the finish line, Auriemma shouts out "10!"

"The just get so upset that they don't get the $100, because they're like 'I ran as fast as I could,' and I say 'I know you did. The only problem is the only reason you did it is because I offered you $100. When I said the first time to go from here to there and back, you went at your pace. Now you went at the pace that I want you to go at."

It's an interesting way to send a message on the effort level needed from your kids, and what they have in their reserves when they think they're giving it everything they have.

Hear the full piece from Auriemma in the clip.