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One sure-fire way to improve your program at the AFCA Convention

Ten years ago, Zach Maurides founded Teamworks with a goal of helping college football teams operate more efficiently. Seven years ago, at the AFCA convention, I met Zach and he elaborated on their mission to be The way through which information is shared within every athletic organization. Back then, Teamworks was working with a handful of FBS football programs. You've probably heard (or read) me say this before, but as soon as Zach showed me how Teamworks worked I immediately knew this was a platform that would change the way athletic organizations operate.

I recall attending the very first "DFO Spring Meeting" about five years ago and asking at that time for a show of hands as to which programs were using Teamworks and about half the room raised their hands. Years later, at the most recent Spring Meeting I noted that nearly every FBS program there was now on Teamworks...and the people in the room rave about it.

From 2013:

Now in their 10th year, its more than fair to say Teamworks has revolutionized the way teams, athletic departments, conferences, NFL teams, distributed sales forces and more communicate and operate. With over 800 current clients, Teamworks is now used by nearly 80 percent of FBS football teams (including every team in the College Football Playoff this year). In the past year alone, Teamworks announced that the entire Division I basketball tournament will use Teamworks, they were named the official communications partner of the College Football Playoff, Adidas announced they are now using Teamworks to communicate with thousands of employees worldwide, multiple NFL teams now use Teamworks and more. This is truly a success story built by a former Duke offensive lineman.

A few months ago Teamworks announced they were offering a Spring Pilot Program in which and FCS, D-II, D-III or other program could try Teamworks for up to five months at no cost and the response has been fantastic. We hear nearly 100 new programs signed up to use the system.


At this point, Teamworks is practically ubiquitous across the landscape of college athletics.

For those unfamiliar, clients use Teamworks to operate more efficiently in areas such as messaging, time management, file and video sharing, team travel, electronic forms, metrics and more. Every year since I met Zach I make a point to stop by and see them at the AFCA and am always very impressed with what they show me in terms of product development. This year will be no different. For those wondering where they might find Teamworks at the convention, look for the big Greek. Coaches, if your program isn't already using Teamworks, make some time to visit with Zach and his staff while in San Antonio.

Congratulations on a great first ten years Teamworks, we're all looking forward to seeing what happens in the next decade.