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One Texas HS coach affected by flooding shares an inspiring message about America

Take a quick look through the Dickinson HS (TX) football Twitter feed and you'll see both the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought to the Houston area, as well as some acts of selfless service that help to restore faith in humanity.

Some of those stories included Dickinson HS players helping the flood relief efforts, while other tweets highlighted some help the community is receiving from other football programs and people coming from all corners of America.

The hardest areas of Dickinson were still under a mandatory evacuation, and a recent story by the Galveston News shared some touching stories of support for the school from across the country, including one from the head coach at Dickinson HS (NJ), who dealt with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy on the East coast.

With the community and families close to him and his team facing some tough times, Dickinson HS head coach John Snelson shared an inspiring message with the Galveston News about America as a whole.

“As bad as I feel about my situation and about our kids’ situation, it was really cool to see people unite and come together and help each other out. I was just so tired of seeing everything on the news about white versus black and Democrat versus Republican and this, that or the other, cops versus regular people.

“I don’t know, maybe this was a wake-up call for us all to realize what’s truly important, that we need to love God and we need to love our neighbor like we love ourselves — not love your neighbor if they’re the same color as you, not love your neighbor if they go to the same church as you, not love your neighbor if they think the same way you do. Love your neighbor as you love your own self. It’s just been a big wake-up call, to be honest with you.”

Amen coach Snelson.

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