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Report: One-time transfers would be allowed to play immediately under latest proposal

The days of student athletes transferring and being forced to sit out a year, or apply for a waiver, may be limited.

According to news shared this morning from Pat Forde and Ross Dellenger there is a proposal going in front of the Division I council this week that would allow a one-time transfer without the penalty of sitting out a season, effectively ending the practice of transfers sitting out a season that dates back to the 1960's.

The council will introduce the proposal on Wednesday and a vote in expected to come in January with the new guidelines put in place later in the fall, starting in August of 2021.

Football athletes would have to give notice to their school of their intent to transfer by May 1. One of the exceptions to that rule would be a late head coaching change, which would extend the date to July 1.

Unlike in years past, schools and coaches would not have the luxury of objecting or blocking the transfer.

The article also points out that the NCAA is not yet willing to adjust the 25 player cap football programs have in players brought in each year, but the committee has agreed to study current transfer trends in football to consider future changes.

The college football transfer market has made a big impact of the last several years for teams, with a number of those high profile transfers being granted the ability to play right away. One-time transfers being able to play immediately will open the doors for coaches looking to find the next Joe Burrow or Justin Fields to come make an immediate impact.

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