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One tweet that sums up what coaching is all about

Put every coach in America in a room and ask them what this great profession is all about and chances are you'll end up with messages revolving around preparing kids for life after sports.

While that is always the big picture goal for the majority of coaches, it can sometimes be easy to get so caught up in winning games and doing what needs to be done to keep your job that tunnel vision creeps in.

When that tunnel vision takes over, saying things that detract from our overall mission as coaches can get shared without as much as a second thought. That's what brings me to this tweet I saw over the weekend.

In staff meetings, especially as high school coaches, when sorting out how we all see the depth chart shaking out, there are ultimately some kids that will end up contributing, while others will end up as role players or scout team contributors.

Brett Jones, the head coach at Bristow HS (OK), shared this tweet with how he approached a coach sharing his opinion that a certain kid couldn't help them on the field during one of those staff conversations.

His response sums up what coaching is all about.