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"In order to play in the NFL, you have to overcome coaching"

After a 6-10 campaign last year, Kyle Shanahan is entering just his second season as an NFL head coach after a successful run as the offensive coordinator with the Redskins, Browns, and Falcons.

What makes Shanahan unique is the insight he's become known to offer up at the podium as a head coach still early on. Most NFL coaches giving comments at the podium have mastered the coach-speak and uttered it for so long that it has become second nature to them, but with the 2018 camp in its infancy still, Shanahan has offered some interesting tidbits already - like how he talked last week about encouraging his guys to fail during practice.

Over the weekend, Shanahan had mentioned that players need to "overcome coaching" sometimes and a reporter asked him what he meant by that phrase.

"It's a nice way of telling a player, 'Don't be a robot,'" Shanahan explained. "Hey, try to be a football player."

Shanahan then goes into a bunch of minute details about how coverages can change so the depths of routes need to change as well all while keeping the timing with the quarterback in mind, or a how play can come in because coaches are expecting a certain coverage, or leverage but then the defense rolls something else out. That kind of stuff.

"In order to play in the NFL, you can't be a robot. You do have to overcome coaching sometimes."

Hear him explain further in the clip.