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Big Ten reportedly "standing pat for now," waiting on decision from Notre Dame

Oregon and Washington have reportedly been told by the Big Ten that they're waiting on a decision from the Irish.

After yesterday's bombshell report (that later became official) that USC and UCLA were leaving for the Big Ten, it was only natural to wonder who else might be in the Big Ten's crosshairs.

As of yesterday, Washington and Oregon still remained a part of the disintegrating Pac-12 and were logical choices as next targets for the Big Ten, and Notre Dame has always made more sense in the Big Ten than their current unique membership with the ACC.

This afternoon, Dennis Dodd reports that Oregon and Washington have both been told by the Big Ten conference that the league is "standing pat for now."

Dodd adds that the league is "waiting on a decision by Notre Dame."

The Irish would have to pay an exit fee in the ballpark of $140 million to leave the ACC at this point, but they'd almost immediately make that up with the revenue that the Big Ten brings to the table, and that's about to get a whole lot better with the Los Angeles market now in Big Ten domain.

Losing Oregon and Washington would be a big blow for the Pac-12, who are trying to hold things together while currently negotiating a media deal.

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