The Oregon Health Authority, “is advising that any large gathering, at least through September, should be canceled or significantly modified.” [bold added by FootballScoop, see below for why]

That word came from Oregon’s Governor today.

Governor Kate Brown offered, “There is some difficult news to share. Large gatherings, including live sporting events with audiences, concerts, festivals and conventions will not be able to return until we have a reliable treatment or prevention like a vaccine.”

The Ducks are scheduled to host NDSU September 5th and Ohio State September 12th.

As of May 6th, 121 people have died in the state of Oregon from complications related to Covid-19 (including 2 people yesterday).

Perhaps social distancing will help the numbers remain low and state officials will come up with a different plan over the next months as additional information and treatments become available. Always best to make plans with the best possible information available at the time.

I note that several outlets are reporting that the Governor said there could be no live events with fans through September. That really is not what she said at all. Note “or significantly modified” in the heath authority’s statement.

Hear what the Governor has to say below beginning around the 8:20 mark:

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